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Very sad, but I created a new logo for my Twitter account and I kind of like it…#flippedlearning #flipyourhistory

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Flippedlearning week 1

First week of using my new flippedlearning resources and first conclusion is I hate the sound of my voice! This was not helped by the fact that one of the Year 11’s took great delight in telling me I sounded nervous and I should be more relaxed!

However I noticed some really interesting things after getting my class to watch videos about Life for Women in 1890 and the arguments for and against women having the vote

1. My students knew a hell of a lot of content already! My lesson felt like an extended plenary where we discussed the issues they had learned rather than going over the basics

2. The discussion was really high level. My students had been thinking about the issues raised and had developed some really interesting questions

Needless to say this was great BUT

3. My planning let me down! My quick recap activity became too drawn out as we spent too long re-going over the content for those who hadn’t understood. I was kicking myself as I had thought about this and developed a differentiated follow up activity, but some finished it far too early!

So my challenge for next week…how to make sure the follow up activity is effective…

All the resources mentioned are available on the TES if you search flipyourhistory or go to

Flip YOUR history…

This blog is my professional record of my experiments with flipped learning. I have been interested in flipped learning for some time and have experimented with it in a variety of ways over the last few years. Although I have always found it really powerful in the classroom I have always struggled to find enough good content to base too much of my teaching around it. Then I decided that I really should take the plunge and go for it so created my superhero like (tongue firmly in cheek!) alter ego flipyourhistory and began making and publishing historical videos for my students…where this will lead to, we shall see!