Experiments with flippedlearning – how much detail should go in the video?

I have had a very successful couple of flippedlearning lessons this week.

First of all my Year 10’s amazed me with the level of knowledge they displayed in my lesson with them on Votes for Women. After, for want of a better description, tearing strips off some of them last week I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of them had watched the required videos before the lesson. This led to a very effective discussion about the different methods used to campaign for the vote, a very well answered reliability source question and then me scratching my head as to what to do next! Luckily I did some thinking on my feet and am now excited about setting up a class debate for next week!

My Year 13’s were a little different. We are revising Germany 1918-45 and I made the classic mistake of forgetting to take some resources home to plan my lesson. Therefore I decided we would try using flippedlearning videos as a revision tool (thanks @rogershistory and @bennewmark!). Although these videos were designed for GCSE the students were able to watch them on their PC’s and them use them as revision prompts to begin their notes on a variety of key questions.

However both sessions got me thinking about the level of detail to include in the videos I create. I have done flippedlearning with hour long complex documentaries (sometimes too detailed and narrative) AND short homemade 5 minute videos (focused, but perhaps including more detail might lead on to more effective extension)

I feel the next development for me is going to be adding more complexity to the videos I am creating, without making them too long and complex. I also feel that the next focus for my flippedlearning journey may be about how to differentiate effectively using flippedlearning resources…watch this space!

As always you can follow me on Twitter @flipyourhistory or find all my resources on TES if you search flipyourhistory or go to https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resources/search/?q=Flipyourhistory%20/ 


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