Experiments with Flipped Learning – Week 2 and Votes for Women

My main ongoing experiment with flippedlearning has been with my current Year 10 group.  I have explained here before that I have been a flippedlearning advocate with my Post 16 students for a while and have experimented with Youtube videos for the Cold War, China, Arab-Israeli Conflict, India and Germany.  However I had not experimented with anyone younger than my A-Level students.

This was mainly due to the quality of the videos available.  There are not that many documentaries that I felt were at the right level for GCSE, therefore, this Spring, I took the plunge and decided to start making simple, content based videos for my GCSE students.

I decided to start with a source work paper on the Women’s Suffrage movement from 1890-1918 (OCR Paper 2). My logic was that as the paper was based around source work I wanted more time in the classroom to work on the sources. I also felt that as an area that my boys had some prior knowledge of, and one where they often get a little bored, this would be a good place to spend less time on content. Lastly I have a relatively able group who I felt would cope with a slightly higher expectation of them.

Therefore I have gone away and made a whole series of short videos and worksheets on the topic of Women’s Suffrage. After the initial nervousness of talking into my computer and trying not to get too tongue tied I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and found that having to explain it in a whole new way really sharpened my understanding of the period again.

I had a mortifying and heart warming experience the other day where a Year 11 I didn’t know came up and started laughing at me for how nervous I sounded in one of the videos and I told him how much I hated my voice, slightly dying inside! He then went on to tell me how useful for revision he found having the videos which broke up the course nicely and simply.

As for my Year 10’s I have been amazed at how quickly we have got through this part of the course, at the depth of their knowledge and the amount of time we have been able to spend on source work in the classroom – so all in all very pleased!

If you would like to see a sample of what I have been doing with my Year 10’s please follow this link.

If you would like to see the full 7 lessons and worksheets please follow this link.


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