Flip YOUR history…

This blog is my professional record of my experiments with flipped learning. I have been interested in flipped learning for some time and have experimented with it in a variety of ways over the last few years. Although I have always found it really powerful in the classroom I have always struggled to find enough good content to base too much of my teaching around it. Then I decided that I really should take the plunge and go for it so created my superhero like (tongue firmly in cheek!) alter ego flipyourhistory and began making and publishing historical videos for my students…where this will lead to, we shall see!


3 thoughts on “Flip YOUR history…

  1. Hi, found your blog via twitter. Despite being a History teacher for 11 years I have never heard of flipped learning. Read your whole blog with interest and then went off and did some more research. Thanks, i’ve learnt a lot 🙂 Annabelle


    • Hi Annabelle
      Glad you found it all interesting/helpful. I have got really passionate about it as an idea as I feel it will really help me crack the dreaded issues around homework whilst providing a really accessible format for revision. Always happy to talk about flippedlearning if you have any questions or decide to give it a go.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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